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27 July 2007 @ 08:28 pm
Submissions Post 3  
Submit your secrets here! Comments to this entry are screened.

Some guidelines:
1.Secrets about general fandoms and music should be posted to their particular communities. However, secrets related soley to television fandom and/or music featured in a television series are okay. Please do not post a secret to both this community and another secret community.
2. Please upload pictures to Tiny Pic. This just makes it a whole lot easier for me.
3. Please submit your secrets anonymously! It's not a secret if everyone knows who made it!
4. Please put the name of the fandom and/or characters/actors in your secret below the link.
5. The size limit is 600x600. If it's too big, I will not post it.
6. Post the location as a link!
7. Graphically explicit secrets will not be posted. I don't care if you feel the need to use every curse word in the book, but if I feel that an image in your secret is inappropriate, it will not be posted. Got it?
8. Submitting multiple secrets is perfectly okay. I'm the only one who can see your posts, so nobody will know. And, just a reminder, if you're making multiple secrets try to vary the subjects and fonts so that they can't be traced back to the same maker.


The next post will be next Friday, number of secrets permitting.
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